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Lingerie How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Lingerie does magical things to a woman: it gives her confidence, not to mention grace and poise. And there’s something about a confident woman that is sexy and mesmerising -  her humble yet certain presence that owns a room; her stride that speaks ‘I deserve to be here’ and her magnetic and often sexy energy that draws people towards her. At Sebastian and Millicent we call this ‘Ensemble Empowerment’ and it works on even the most cautious, anxious or humble ladies to help them feel empowered, sexy and fearless. Ensemble Empowerment harnesses the true power of lingerie.


Want in on this lingerie magic? Whether it’s exquisitely fitting lingerie, sexy shapewear, luxury nightwear or luxury loungewear, we have the answer. Read our five steps to springboard yourself into Ensemble Empowerment and choose sexy well-fitting lingerie to help you exude confidence for others to admire


1  We’ll say this many times at Sebastian and Millicent: don’t ever compromise on the fit of your lingerie

We know that lingerie shopping may not actually feel sexy and as a result may not be high on your priority list. After all, who wakes up joyous at the prospect of revealing your old not-so-sexy greying bra to a stranger, only to be told that you haven’t been a 34C for at least ten years?! We may be better informed, more fashion savvy, fitter, wealthier and wiser than ever before, but when it comes to lingerie, the majority of us are wearing entirely the wrong bra size, style and cut. We don’t know what size we are, what lingerie styles suit us best or how a different shaped bra can have a profound effect on an outfit.  Irrespective of how attractive your assets are, covering them up with an ill-fitting bra does nothing to accentuate your femininity or sensuality and certainly isn’t sexy. 


Good breast support is important for Ensemble Empowerment, no matter what size you are. Supporting your breasts with lingerie that is the right size keeps them in place and reduces any irritation, stress, and discomfort, as well as helping you avoid back problems in later life. At Sebastian and Millicent our bra fitting experts champion the ‘fit by sight’ technique which is much more accurate than the traditional tape measure technique and we can conduct lingerie consultations and bra fittings at your home, workplace or at one of our VIP shopping events. Whichever is most convenient for you, click here to book your place and overhaul your lingerie drawer. If you’d prefer to fit yourself and even learn the professional ‘fit by sight’ method, check out our fitting pages for easy to follow how to videos and images. We’ve even come up with a revolutionary new tape measure technique that actually works (even bra fitters and lingerie experts say so!) Take a look at our lingerie ranges for the best fitting bras in your size.


2 Want a smooth silhouette and sexy curves? Don’t underestimate the power of sexy shapewear in your wardrobe

If liquid courage is a thing, then sexy shapewear is definitely a thing too. It might seem superficial to think that something tucked away in your top drawer has a way of extracting bravery from your soul, but that’s exactly what sexy shapewear does: seeing your sexy silhouette reflected back at you will give you a boost in self-esteem and the confidence to wear the slinkiest sexy dress in your wardrobe. You might ordinarily be soft spoken or shy and not think of yourself as sexy, but with the right sexy shapewear? You can sashay your way into your own sexy alter ego!


Ultimately, Ensemble Empowerment is all about believing in yourself, and that’s sexy and attractive to others as well as to you: when you’re confident in the lingerie and shapewear you’re wearing, you’ll remind yourself that you possess so many more qualities than you realise and there’s nothing superficial about remembering that there’s more to you than meets the eye. It starts with the lingerie and then the sexy shapewear gives it the extra va va voom! Take a look at our sexy shapewear range for some inspiration.


3 Did you know that luxury loungewear and luxury nightwear can reflect your personality, too?

When you feel confident in your clothes, you get an injection of energy into your life, reminding you of what you want and what you deserve. So why do so many of us come home and undress into our not- so-sexy old pyjamas and slouch in front of the television? We place so much emphasis on making a killer first impression, yet the real deal breaker is ensuring that impression is consistent, so drape yourself in fine fabrics, not oppression: as well as luxury lingerie, indulge in luxury nightwear and luxury loungewear to take your confidence and sensuality to level 10!


A confident woman doesn’t lose her personality whether at home or work, and Ensemble Empowerment is nothing without luxury loungewear. Pick up a pair of silk pyjamas and sure, you’ll improve bed time no end, but the extra good news is that pyjama street style - tucking your luxury loungewear shirt into your jeans and heading out for the day -  is a trend that’s here to stay.


There’s also nothing more wonderful in life than feeling empowered about your sensual self and pampering yourself with luxury nightwear. Most often, us girls spend so much of our time thinking of other people that too often we don’t make self-care a priority. Going to sleep in a silk chemise is a reminder that you’re special and deserve luxury nightwear that makes you feel like the queen you truly are.


4 Don’t forget that quality is important

You need to create a lingerie wardrobe that is the best representation of who you are, and where you want to go. Think of it as a place where you go to create yourself everyday, not just a place where you store your clothes.


The lingerie world is slightly different from the wider fashion world in that a higher price definitely means better quality, whether it is a more careful design, durability and luxuriousness of fabric, better support for your breasts or the opportunity for couture or bespoke lingerie designs. A lot of times it’s worth it to spend a little bit extra on that perfect piece of lingerie. It’ll last longer, it’ll be more comfortable, it’ll feel better, and will lead to an enviable lingerie wardrobe that highlights the strength and sensuality of your body.


At Sebastian and Millicent we have taken the hard work out of it and hand-picked the best lingerie designers with a focus on fit, function and sensuality, as well as the finest luxury nightwear and luxury loungewear brands. For the ultimate boutique experience, come to one of our VIP shopping salons. Browse our range, sip bubbly, have a personal lingerie fitting, try on the finest lingerie, sexy shapewear and luxury nightwear and of course, fill in a gift list so someone can treat you - all in luxurious surroundings and with special one off offers just for you! If you prefer a fun girls’ night in, you can also book a Lingerie Party another great way to see your friends and stock up your lingerie and loungewear drawer.


The ultimate luxury lingerie experience that we offer combines a face to face fitting consultation with a Couture Lingerie Design Service that offers you the opportunity to create your own personally designed lingerie or nightwear collection that fits you perfectly. Contact one of our lingerie stylists today for your own bespoke lingerie set.


5 Did you know that what you put in your body is just as important as what you wear on it?

You’re plucked, tucked, pampered and preened, donned your best lingerie and prepped your luxury nightwear for later on in the evening. Feeling sexy! But why stop there?


Just as lingerie has a transformational effect on your body shape, luxury sex toys can also make you happier, reduce anxiety around intimacy and help you feel less stressed. We’re not saying that you should follow in the footsteps of Grey and Anastasia Steele and become a luxury sex toys expert (unless you want to), just that luxury sex toys can help you learn your likes and dislikes in the bedroom and boost your confidence; this also has a tendency to spill out into your normal (fully clothed) life, giving you a spring in your step and positive outlook everyday. So set aside a few minutes of your day to indulge in a little sexy luxury and you just may keep your sanity afloat.


Don’t just go out and buy the first thing you see, though; in recent years technology, innovation, and design have improved every aspect of our lives and a new category of sex toys have started to emerge: those that ooze luxury, sophistication and class. Luxury sex toys don’t look anything like the bright pink and purple rubber number you’re used to. Made from the finest silicone, modern luxury sex toys feel velvety soft and sexy almost like a second skin. Moreover, the best luxury sex toys use sustainable materials such as 24K gold, plated silver, stainless steel, aluminium, shaped and polished crystal, stone glass and wood. Make an investment in one of these attractive and erotic objects of art that will adorn your bedside forever.



So there you have it, whether it’s the finest flawlessly fitting lingerie, a sexy shapewear piece, the ultimate luxury loungewear and luxury nightwear or the latest luxury sex toys, choose it well and you'll achieve the confidence and feel good factor that comes with Ensemble Empowerment. Want to feel good? Look to the Lingerie!

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