Coffee and cake with Jasmine Stacey

We meet Jasmine Stacey, an ostomy lingerie specialist

Coffee and cake with Jasmine Stacey

We’ve loved the undeniably classy and sensual sensibility of Jasmine Stacey’s specialist ostomy lingerie since the beginning, and the AW16 collection has just landed in our lap! We interviewed Jasmine to get her take on life, lingerie and the future.



Jasmine, you suffer from Crohn’s disease and wear an ileostomy bag. How did this experience influence your lingerie designs and understanding of issues?

I am like any girl who goes through the surgery. I was scared, felt alone in the situation & thought no-one could possibly ever love me. The surgery left not only physical scars but also emotional scars, greatly affecting my body confidence. As I have experienced first hand the problems faced with re-gaining confidence I used this to fuel energy into my designs and create innovative designs to help empower women to be who they want to be. My core motive is to create feminine garments with powerful imagery encapsulating women unchanged, everlastingly beautiful and unchanged. 



Do you have anyone who inspires you?

All the women that I talk to who I’ve met through my work and charity are the inspiration to me more than anything. Each individual story is amazing and unique, each have come to terms with there situation and some are still battling problems everyday. 



We all have wish list of projects we just can’t seem to find the time for, are there any concepts or ideas you have yet to explore with the line that you would like to in the future?

I would love to see my designs in big retail stores accessible by all women. To do a range for M&S would be incredible! The ability to bring my designs to everybody. I’d love to be able to branch into swimwear and medical wear alongside male products. 



What are some of the most frustrating and most rewarding aspects of the design process?

The rewarding aspects is when you get the amazing feedback from customers! It is so amazing hearing that I have helped someones confidence. I am a frantic designer and find that it is all a little messy but when the product comes together with fabrics it is amazing. Sometimes it is a little frustrating when the fabrics and laws of physics wont allow you to do some of your designs!



What was your first lingerie love?

My love of lingerie I think stemmed from my grandmother. She used to always say to me “You can never been seen in un matching tatty underwear... imagine if you had to be cut out of your clothes by some hot guy! Never be caught off guard”. My mum is an artist and was a previous designer so has always had fabrics around the house. My first serious lingerie love was with Gossard! However, when I found independent brands such as Lascivious, Dirty Pretty Things & Bordelle it opened up a whole new world. I didn’t fall in love with lingerie until I was about 19! 



If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?

Well, I still have my day job as a nurse! So I guess I’d be doing that full time & dreaming of lingerie I could be designing.



What’s the best advice you can give to women, young or old, who have recently undergone surgery?

My best advice is to remember that surgery does not change you as a person. You are still who you were before. Whatever you had done, you had done for a reason. You are a strong, powerful and beautiful woman no matter what, it does not define you. It merely shows how strong you have been to overcome what you have gone through. Your scars tell the story but  you MAKE the story.


Author: Jasmine Stacey

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