Lingerie and Confidence: how to feel like a superbabe!

Three tips to help you feel confident in lingerie

Lingerie and Confidence: how to feel like a superbabe!

Considering that I spend the majority of my day whipping my top off to test the fit and style of a new designer bra, people are surprised that I still get slightly overwhelmed at the thought of wearing next to nothing, particularly in front of other people. No matter how much I try to disguise it, I have a body story – it’s a mix of the figure i look at in the mirror, my emotional past, what i want to be and what other people have told me that my body looks like. Most likely, you have one too. But how do you go about resetting your body image?


Enter lingerie! Wearing beautiful lingerie every day sends a powerful message to yourself that you’re worth it, which in turn changes how others perceive you. We’ve all heard that confidence is sexy, and whilst true sex-appeal starts from being comfortable in your skin, making the decision to wear certain styles of lingerie lets you ‘fake it until you make it,’ boosting your confidence and self-assurance.

Here are three tips to help you feel like a superbabe!



Invest in well-fitting lingerie

Never been for a bra fitting before? You’re not alone. Thousands of women avoid getting professionally fitted and instead simply guess what size they are through trial and error (seriously, how long have you been a 34C?!) Doing so is a huge mistake and could mean that you’re not supported in the way that you really need to be.


While there are probably multiple reasons that you haven’t had your bra fitted recently, there’s one very good one that you should. Wearing the right size bra will make you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. If you want to feel all of the above, there’s no reason to put off the fitting process any longer!


At Sebastian and Millicent, our professional fitters don’t just measure you – she is there to make suggestions about bra styles that would work best for you, help you with common issues such as straps falling down or overspill from cups, to ensure that you feel and look fantastic. So book a fitting - you might even find yourself wondering why on earth you didn’t do it sooner!  



Stop comparing yourself to others and start loving yourself

You are wonderful, you have a lot to offer the world and you don’t need to be anyone else but you.


Whatever your shape or size, you deserve to celebrate all that is wonderful about your body. Trying to cover yourself up with baggy, ill-fitting clothing is a mistake. It will do nothing for your self-esteem or your body and you know it. Instead, you need to slip on something that makes you feel fabulous.  Trying out various styles and types of lingerie isn’t just about figuring out what works for you, it’s about enjoying your body and acknowledging how great it is.


Answer this - when was the last time that you treated yourself? Confidence thrives on self-love so you need to make sure that you value the person that you are. Treating yourself could mean taking a long bath and just relaxing or treating yourself to some brand new lingerie. Getting yourself a little gift now and then isn’t just a sweet thing to do; it’s essential to your well-being. Show yourself how much you care and do something sweet just for you.



Practice makes perfect

Banish the idea that beautiful lingerie is just for special occasions or the bedroom. We don’t reduce high heels and red lipstick to the bedroom, so why limit wearing sexy lingerie? I wear sensual silks or flirty laces under jeans and a t-shirt. Nobody else knows it’s there, and that makes me feel powerful.


Lingerie is about feeling connected with your body. It’s about wearing something that helps you love the way you look right now. Buy something to treat yourself. Buy something because it makes you feel good. Buy something that sends your heart aflutter even if that advice column in the magazine said it wasn’t ‘right’ for your body type – all that matters is that you feel confident wearing it.


Reclaim your lingerie and your body. Trust me, if you get into the habit of putting on lingerie every day you’ll feel happier, more confident, poised and empowered.




Author: Sebastian and Millicent Founder, Rachael Cunningham

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