Male Sex Toys: health benefits

Although sex toys aren’t necessarily designed to treat problems such as erectile dysfunction or allow an erection to be maintained for coital sex, with correct use toys can enjoy a number of health benefits through regular use of sex toys

Male Sex Toys: health benefits

Vibrators are commonplace within the realms of female sexual satisfaction. However, this social acceptability does not extend to men who use a vibrator, or any other sex toy, for their own pleasure. Perhaps this is due to the seedy association with cheap pornography or blow up dolls, or perhaps it’s just down to the stereotype that men are supposed to think about nothing but sex with women; anything else makes them seem lonely or sexually deviant.

The reality is that modern technology has revolutionised product development, and male sex toys are every bit as innovative, pleasure inducing and aesthetically pleasing as their female counterparts.



Sex toys aren’t just for women

A study conducted by the Indiana University in 2009 found that 45% of men aged between 18 and 65 not only used vibrators, but enjoyed enhanced sexual health benefits such as improved satisfaction levels after erectile dysfunction, improved orgasmic function and increase sexual desire. 


More recently, FHM conducted an online survey of 5,000 men to find out their views on buying sex toys. The results were eye opening:


  • 51% of men own a sex toy – cock rings are the most popular, followed by Fleshlight and prostate massagers
  • 78% of men said that they would buy a sex toy for solo use
  • 70% said that more should be done to allow men to buy a sex toy without embarrassment
  • Just 4% of men said that male sex toy use was ‘weird’


Although sex toys aren’t necessarily designed to treat problems such as erectile dysfunction or allow an erection to be maintained for coital sex, with correct use toys can enjoy a number of health benefits through regular use of sex toys:


Using sex toys for prostate massage

The male prostate is a walnut sized gland located at the base of the penis that stores semen. Prostate massage results in an extremely powerful and long lasting orgasm, along with intense ejaculation. Although it can be stimulated through external pressure against the perineum, more direct and intense orgasm can be achieved through anal stimulation.


Additional benefits of prostate massage include:


  • Increased blood flow to the area, reducing the risk of prostate cancer by 22% (as per the Harvard study)
  • Ease the symptoms and pain from haemorrhoids and anal fissures
  • Overall stress reduction
  • Reduced urinary and erectile problems
  • Better sleep after an explosive orgasm!


Prostate massagers can be found in a variety of designs and materials, including glass and metal which can be warmed and cooled for exciting temperature play, or skin safe silicone which is extremely gentle on delicate internal skin. It’s also important to use plenty of lubricant as the rectum doesn’t produce it itself. To glide in effortlessly we recommend a water based lubricant because it is compatible with all sex toy materials.


The Earl Silver anal plug by Lelo (£950) promotes a full feeling and can be used to prepare the anus for full penetrative sex, utilised with another sex toy which is focussed on your erection, or worn in conjunction with oral sex from your partner. Earl Silver works by putting pressure on the prostate and sensitive internal skin of your rectum. Your anus also remains slightly open due to the external head of the plug protruding from your body – this design feature of the plug is important as the flared head prevents it from getting lost inside you. It also gives your anus something to contract around, further stimulating nerve endings and enhancing your orgasm. If you’re looking for something with a little more weight to further enhance sensation, try the B1 Stone Plug by Laid (£55), which weighs in at an impressive 168grams, and is made from solid black granite.


Although typically targeted at women, Luna Beads by Lelo (£28) can be inserted into your anus and removed at varying speeds to enhance your ejaculation. At the point of orgasm, your sphincter (the ring of muscle around your anus) naturally pulsates in rhythm with your ejaculation. The anal beads can be gentle pulled out of your anus just before, or at the point of, orgasm to put outward pressure on your contracting sphincter, leading to an explosive release! If you like a larger bead, try the Stratos Blue by Ave (£25), that give a slightly longer insertable length at 3.9 inches.


Anal vibrator, Bruno by Lelo (£99), is designed for men who want to experience heightened stimulation in this nerve-rich area as well as additional vibrations to the perineum. The length of the toy gives a deep vibrating sensation and you can control the depth of sexual sensation by adjusting the intensity of the vibrations. The curved design also targets the prostate and can simulate penile penetration by thrusting in and out of the anus, or simply inserted and the vibrations enjoyed until climax is achieved. Like the anal plug, your anus has something to contract against, heightening sensation and giving your sphincter a good workout!


Using sex toys for masturbation

Widely practiced but rarely discussed, masturbation and men go hand-in-hand (excuse the pun!) and it is rarely harmful. Masturbation includes stimulation of the shaft of the penis, as well as the head and testicles. The variety of health benefits of male masturbation have been widely researched, and include:


  1. A general reduction in stress. This happens because sexual activity produces the feel-good hormone, dopamine, along with endorphins that work together to lower blood pressure and reduce tension.
  2. A reduction in prostate cancer development. During ejaculation, carcinogens are flushed from the prostate gland and the build up of seminal fluid is removed. A study by the University of Nottingham found that men in their 50s who masturbate more than 10 times per month have a protective effect against prostate cancer. Polyxeni Dimitripolou led the study and said “…As men age and accumulate toxins form the diet or through their lungs, sexual activity may help release them. Studies have found toxins in the semen and the fluid produced in the prostate. As you age it is more important to flush them out.”
  3. It can help reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation. The more men masturbate and become used to internal feelings and pressure, the higher the likelihood that ejaculation will be controlled. Practice, practice, practice!
  4. It can aid sexual awareness. Men who masturbate know what their body feels like and will notice when something isn’t quite right and will visit their GP or sexual health clinic to get it sorted out. It’s also safer as there is no risk from STDs or STIs.


Male masturbator, Flight Pilot by Fleshlight (£38), can help if you suffer from manual dexterity problems through illness or disability as it is easy to hold and can be used with one hand. It can also be used as a training device if you want to improve stamina, stop premature ejaculation or practice before losing your virginity. It works by producing suction and friction on your penis. Suction is provided by the opening hole which tightly grips the shaft of your penis when you thrust into the masturbator. Friction is provided by the patterned internal sleeve which changes the intensity of pleasure along the shaft and head of the penis. It is completely waterproof and made from skin safe silicone with an ergonomic and aesthetically discreet design to remove embarrassment that can sometimes be associated with masturbators.


If you’re looking for a vibrating masturbator, Pulse II Solo by Hot Octopuss (£80) is for you. It stimulates you through oscillation and  can be stroked up and down the full length of the shaft or held by your frenulum. The Pulse II Solo can also be used by those experiencing erectile dysfunction, giving an ability to provide pleasure and orgasm even without a stiff erection (which would be necessary to use penetrative masturbators).


Similar to masturbators are cock rings, such as the JNaja by Velv'Or (£45), which is worn around the base of the penis. It works to help maintain your erection for longer by reducing blood flow from the penis, and is particularly useful if you experience erectile dysfunction.  It is really important to get the right size ring as it isn’t adjustable, and you will want the perfect fit in order to fully benefit from its erection enhancing properties. If you prefer a vibrating ring, try the TOR 2 by Lelo (£78) which features a flexible ring of smooth silicone, meaning a comfortable fit for men of all sizes when being put on, taken off, and enjoyed; the gentle constriction it offers means increased stamina, leading to a more intense release. This ring can also be used by couples.


BeauGosse Rings by Velv'Or (£32) is a testicular cuff set that is worn around the scrotum and penis during sex or throughout the day. The skin safe rubber cuffs pull the scrotum away from the body, forcing semen to travel further to the point of ejaculation, thus increasing the length and intensity of orgasm.  The penis ring forces your shaft to stand out away from your body, enhancing your manhood.


Stop judging and let yourself experience an amazing machine induced orgasm!

So there you have it. Our educational round up of the best sex toys for men, how they work and how they will benefit you or your male partner.  We think it’s about time men realised that being open about sex toys makes you a happier person overall. Now stop judging yourselves and grab a toy and that tube of lube…

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