The etiquette of buying a sex toy as a gift this Christmas

Make it a Christmas to remember - buy them a sex toy!

The etiquette of buying a sex toy as a gift this Christmas

A sex toy has unlimited potential for unforgettable experiences, self-love, health, and fun. Opening a perfectly wrapped sex toy is the prelude to a steamy night with you partner, motivates your best friend needs to help her loose those pesky inhibitions or move on from an ex, and won’t fail to impress your ‘been there, done that’ mate when experiencing the latest in vibro-technology! But wait! Before you go out and fill up your basket with 9 inches of sensual silicone, our etiquette guide outlines a few things you should know…



Why is it that you spend most of your time with your partner, but can never think of anything impressive to buy them for their birthday, Christmas, or ‘just because’? Follow these tips and crown yourself the best gift giver ever.


Gifts for her

  • Ladies love beautiful things, and nothing comes close to the Manoa Loa diletto by Fornicouture (£430) with its smooth and rigid glass for deep and wide penetration. Couple this with temperature play and your lady will be singing your praises for the rest of the year. Plus it looks great on her bedside cabinet!
  • If you want all your girlfriend or wife to know just how fancy you are, or if she’s a downright diva and demands the best, present her with the beautiful Yva clitoral vibrator (£1,900 in gold, or £1,500 in stainless steel), created by luxury pleasure brand, Lelo.
  • Women over 50 need stronger vibrators because of natural changes that occur within the vagina, including less blood flow to the area, weaker muscle contraction and reduced lubrication. A stronger vibrator will increase stimulation and lead to a more intense orgasm. The Smart Wand by Lelo (£125) has 8 different massage strokes so that the intensity can be built up as your partner’s arousal increases, whilst the enlarged flexible tip spreads tension throughout the vulva region.
  • Penchant for anal play? The Root anal plug by Chakrubs (£105) is perfect. Experimenting with this glossy bud can lead to an extended, expansive, and deeply recalibrating experience, in which your partner may experience ecstatic full-body sensations and multiple cycle climaxes. A very merry Christmas in deed!


Gifts for him

  • Another jumper isn’t going to light any sexual sparks, but cock rings make great presents because they are small, non-threatening and great to share. Worn by your man, the vibrating Tor 2 cock ring (£78) offers increased sexual pleasure to you both. With the vibrating nub on the ring sitting comfortably against your clitoris providing fabulous fluttering vibrations and the tight ring around his penis making him feel bigger, harder and last longer, you can both enjoy amazing orgasms together.
  • It could be said that men are wired to enjoy anal penetration - the prostate is an incredibly sensitive gland that feels especially sexy when stroked. To reach it, try the B1 stone plug by Laid (£55), which has been hand sculpted from polished 500 million year old Chinese Black Granite – time to be more naughty than nice and get him what he really wants – the promise of fabulous, prostate milking sex!
  • Let’s face it, there will inevitably be occasions where you just aren’t in the mood and your guy is left looking forlorn. Flip Hole by Tenga (£63) to the rescue! The Flip inner texture is designed for maximum frenulum and glans stimulation, completely encapsulating his penis as he slides in and out. There are also more practical benefits for you: no more dried up, crunchy jizz that ends up over your bed clothes, towels or other soft furnishings!




Buying a sex toy for someone you don’t actually have sex with may seem tricky, but they are also a perfectly normal and enjoyable way to promote well-being and self-esteem. Also, make sure you try before you buy. After all, would you recommend a restaurant when you’ve never eaten there yourself?


  • If your friend travels a lot for work, the Crave Droplet necklace (£80) a super fancy piece of jewellery and an awesome (and discreet) vibrator - it hangs on the intersection between public and private and can be worn over clothing as striking daytime jewellery and then slipped underneath her clothing for discreet play.
  • Have a perpetually single female mate? Remind her that she doesn’t need a partner to give her pleasure with the Ora 2 by Lelo (£115). Its seductive swirls and pulses create the same waves of pleasure experienced during oral sex, and features SenseTouch™ technology, which means the vibrations activate and build on contact with your body – so the firmer you press, the better.
  • For your male friend, the stretchy BeauGosse rings by Velv'Or (£32) provides something amazing to wear and will make their manhood more handsome, not to mention help him build stamina. Alternatively, if he’s inexperienced with sex toys and you don’t want to embarrass him, a discreet Flight Pilot by Fleshlight (£38) is a smart choice as it looks nothing like a sex toy and will help give his hand a rest!

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