Lorna Drew

Who says you can't look glamorous? Try the Lorna Drew mastectomy and nursing bras and shine like the star you are!

Lorna Drew

Lorna Drew mastectomy and maternity lingerie

Leave it to fashion forward maternity and nursing brand, Lorna Drew lingerie, to come up with one of the most compelling mastectomy lingerie ranges to date.


If you’ve experienced breast surgery, you know how few options there are for pretty bras that can accommodate prosethetics. While there are a few companies that are expanding to meet the needs of post-surgery women, it remains a very underserved market.


Lorna Drew mastectomy bras are specifically designed to meet the needs of post-surgical women. After surgery (and a potentially lengthy healing process) the remaining breast and surrounding tissue is sensitive for some time. Each Lorna Drew mastectomy bra is lined in soft, absorbent cottons help soothe the skin and allow for discrete pockets that can hold both full and partial prosthetics. Cups are also edged in silicone to provide a comfortable and secure fit, keeping prosthetics in place without any gapping for a natural look.


As with their maternity and nursing bras, Lorna Drew’s mastectomy bras are wire free bras. Even if a post-surgical woman has opted for reconstructive surgery instead of prosthetics, it’s important to wear a bra that doesn’t have uncomfortable wires. Lorna Drew’s bras achieve shape and lift without utilizing wires. Full coverage, three-part molded cups are covered with French laces and also include side slings to keep breasts (and prosthetics) facing forward. Flexible side boning offers comfortable side support even while sitting.


You can shop for Lorna Drew mastectomy bras and pocketed maternity bras online at Sebastian and Millicent and see the collection in our VIP Shopping Salons, at our Lingerie Parties and through our At Home or At Work Fitting Consultations if you’d prefer a personal appointment.

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