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At Sebastian & Millicent, we believe that feeling and looking amazing in your underwear should be possible for everyone, everyday - whatever your shape, size or age. Our bra fitting services are designed to help you achieve exactly that. Whether you want the convenience of being able to quickly work out the best bras to choose for yourself, to get some quick person-to-person bra fitting advice when you’re stuck, or to indulge in our professional bra fitting service with one of our expert bra fitting consultants in the comfort of your own home or in one of our VIP Shopping salons, we can help. 


We know that not everyone wants or has the time to visit a lingerie store to have a bra fitting, but at the same time you want to make sure you buy lingerie that fits well, plus you deserve the benefit of a professional person-to-person bra fitting service.


Until now, this has presented a conundrum for bra fitting specialists and resulted, in our opinion, in women being forced to either put up with online advice that doesn’t fully replace an expert in-store service or wait until they can find time to visit a professional lingerie store (which can mean waiting weeks, depending upon their availability or your confidence levels!)


Never fear, we want to give you what you want and need in todays modern and busy world; our aim is to lead the way with a lingerie shopping experience by combining the convenience of online shopping with a range of fitting services - from our 5 minute DIY approach to our at-home person-to-person consultations - that genuinely replace the need to visit a lingerie store.


Using the latest technology, we’ve worked hard to bring the fitting room to you – with a simple DIY bra fitting calculator that takes less than 5 minutes and only requires a tape measure, or a ‘fit by sight’ bra fitting guide to help you fit like a professional without the need for a tape measure or months of training! Both techniques really work and have short demonstration videos so they are easy to grasp, but if you prefer a one to one consultation with one of our expert fitting consultants, they are on hand to answer any bra conundrums by email, phone or live chat.


If you’d rather let us do the work for you, why not book a professional phone or skype bra fitting consultation (yes – it really is possible!) in the comfort of your own home? Or for the ultimate indulgence visit one of our VIP shopping salons in person to see our collection and have a face-to-face bra fitting with one of our experts (plus a very fun day!)

Take your pick from the services we offer:



Every day, our customers tell us about the amazing effects of bra fitting. It really can make you look and feel slimmer, taller, more confident and or course sexier. Despite that, a lot of women tell us they haven’t been properly fitted because they have never got around to visiting a lingerie store with a professional bra fitting service or haven’t found advice that was good enough or easy enough to follow online. At Sebastian & Millicent, we’ve worked hard to find a new way to provide you with a service that enables bra fitting online and genuinely works (even professional ‘fit by sight’ bra fitters recommend it). It is easy and quick to follow; as well as offering you the option of the kind of expert face to face fitting consultation you normally only get from a bricks and mortar store. So now there’s no need to settle for less than the best if you want to buy your bras online – simple choose the service that suits you & get fitted today!



Why choose Sebastian & Millicent?

We know there are lots of companies out there offering bra fitting advice – both online and in store and we certainly don’t claim to be the only experts! What makes us different is that we recognise our customers want to shop online without compromising on getting the kind of expert bra fitting advice they’d normally need to go to a lingerie store for, and with the full benefit of today’s technology, we’ve worked hard to offer that.


We’ve found that most bra fitting online advice is either too complicated to follow or gives a less than ideal result – and doesn’t do the job that a professional lingerie store would do. In today’s digital 24/7 world that’s simply not good enough in our opinion!Bra fitting experts know that the old fashioned ‘tape measure technique’ for bra fitting doesn’t really work but we know that you need to be able to self-fit and come up with an accurate result without months of training as a bra fitter.


To tackle this conundrum, we’ve come up with not one, but two, solutions: 


  • Our innovative approach to bra fitting services means we are the first to offer our customers the benefit of an expert ‘fitting by sight’ service without the need to go in store! Fit Yourself like a professional at home or book a home consultation with one of our fitting experts.
  • Introducing our revolutionary new way to self-fit with a tape measure that actually works in less than 5 minutes. Even professional ‘fit by sight’ bra fitters recommend it. 

It’s the modern way to shop for bras – no compromises: all the convenience of online shopping with a traditional, expert one to one fitting service, whenever and wherever you want.  Quite simply…it’s the best of all worlds.


Read what our customers have to say...

"I’ve been fitted by professionals for years and been taught that a tape measure was a real no-no, but I simply didn’t have time to get to my usual store as it’s a bit of a trek so I thought I’d try and check my size myself. I have to admit that I was initially skeptical about this ‘revolutionary tape measure technique’ but I tried it out, it took only a few minutes and the size it calculated was the same as I had been told in store and the bras I bought fit perfectly – what a result! no more specially scheduled trips for fittings, I can fit myself on my own at home whenever I want!" Nina C, Birmingham, UK


"I’m used to a professional fitting and find tape measures awkward so I thought I’d try the ‘fit by sight’ technique as I’ve had this done by a professional before and know it works. I didn’t expect to be able to do it as i'm not trained or anything but the video was great, it made it really simple to follow and to know what you were looking for and the ‘right and wrong’ pictures explained it all really clearly. The size charts were also useful – I loved a range that didn’t come in my exact size but with the pop up chart, I quickly found an alternative size that worked really well. Thankyou for helping me get the right size in a bra I normally would have thought I couldn’t have!" Diane D, Worcester, UK


"I wanted to have a professional fitting as I’ve heard how most women are wearing the wrong bra size and how amazing it can be when you get it right. I don’t have a lingerie store near me so tried your skype consultation & to my amazement it worked! It was just like being in a store only better as I didn’t have to travel and could do it in the evening. The fitting consultant was really professional and warm and friendly. She put me at ease as I was a bit nervous about taking my top off and I found it really helpful and informative. She even sent me some personalised recommendations afterwards and I ended up with some bras that I probably wouldn’t have tried myself – but I love them!" Pippa W, London, UK


"I didn’t want to spend time on a fitting but could tell my bra wasn’t quite right. I used your Bra Troubleshooting guide to try to work out the problem and when I thought I had the answer I clicked on live chat to check it with an expert – very pleased to say I was right and now have a much better fitting bra! Very quick and effective service – I was impressed and have already recommended it to my friends" Jackie F, Manchester, UK


"Thank you so much for a wonderful day at your recent VIP Shopping Salon in London. I felt truly pampered and came away in a totally different bra size that i arrived in. I went from 36C to 32F! and with some amazing lingerie. Now I know my size I’ll be topping up online until the next party!" Charlotte N, London, UK


Click here to see some real life customer before and after pictures. No surgery has been performed, we promise!



We’d love to hear your feedback. We want to constantly improve for our customers so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what you need today! Contact us today