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Professional Face-to-Face Bra Fitting at your Convenience:

size, style, colour and wardrobe advice tailored to you


Sometimes we all need a bit of pampering. And quite frankly it’s good to let someone else do the work! So why not treat yourself to a professional fitting with one of our bra fitting experts at a time and place to suit you?


Every day, our customers tell us about the amazing effects of bra fitting. It really can make you look and feel slimmer, taller, more confident and or course sexier. Despite that, a lot of women tell us they haven’t been properly fitted because they have never got around to it, find it too much hassle or genuinely hate bra shopping.


Our bra fitters are trained to be able to look at you and quickly identify the size and style you need, meaning that your precious time can be spent on the fun bit – trying a superb range of bras that suit you - rather than trying to work out the size you need. A one-to-one bra fitting is like having your own personal shopper on hand to advise and pamper you: it can turn what could otherwise feel like a chore into a fun and luxurious shopping experience.


You’ve probably heard the stats about bra fitting, and it’s true! In our experience that about 80% of the customers who first come to us are in the wrong bra size. In fact it’s very normal to change bra size by two or more back sizes and two or more cup sizes after a professional fitting, but once you’ve found the right size you’ll never go back (and your friends will think you’ve been on a fitness drive or had an amazing makeover!)


A bra fitting isn’t just about finding the right bra size though – that’s only the start. Once we've established the size you need (and don’t be alarmed if you go from a  36C to a 32F!), we’ll work out the styles that suit you best, look at the colours that match your skin tone and help you to build a lingerie drawer to work with your clothes and your life.


Shopping for a special occasion - a naughty weekend away? wedding and honeymoon? formal event? Never fear - we’ll find the perfect lingerie and nightwear for you and help you dress it up with all the matching bits and fun accessories. Step forward a new you….you at your very best.



Get Fitted!

We know you’re busy and you need a bra fitting service that works around you. That’s why we offer professional face to face fittings at a time and place to suit you. 


You can book a fitting consultation with one of our bra fitters in the comfort of your own home or office either by Skype or in person. If you prefer a lower tech alternative, we can even offer phone fittings (yes really!) at home or work.


If you prefer the ‘boutique’ experience, come to one of our VIP shopping salons. Browse our range, sip bubbly, have a fitting and a fill in a gift list so someone can treat you – all in luxurious surroundings and with special one-off offers just for you!


For a fun girls’ night in why not book a Lingerie party! One of our trained consultants will carry out professional bra fittings for you and your guests, you can browse and buy from our range plus enjoy special one-off offers – it’s a great way to see your friends and stock up your lingerie drawer!



Read what our customers have to say...

"Rachael came to visit me at home for a bra fitting. She was ultra professional but so warm and friendly and really put me at ease. The collection she brought was simply stunning and I chose lots of things in my new size. I much preferred it to visiting a shop as it was so private and I felt really special. I’ll definitely be using the service again and have told all my friends." Kerry-Ann, Worcester, UK


"I wanted a quick bra fitting and then to be left to choose the styles I wanted to buy online. I heard about the skype service and wasn’t really sure how it would work but it was amazing! Quick, convenient and the sizes recommended were perfect. Much better than visiting a shop and feeling awkward or pushed to buy something. Thanks i'll use you again" Lauren C, Jersey


"I don’t do technology and wanted advice at home but not a full face to face fitting. I found the phone fitting service really helpful and it works" Helen L, Glamorgan, UK


"Thankyou for an amazing experience at your recent VIP Shopping Salon. The food, drinks and entertainment were great and the products on sale were just gorgeous. I came away feeling very pampered and with lots of lovely lingerie" Zara, Manchester, UK


"I had to write and tell you how wonderful our recent lingerie party was. My friends and I had all been moaning about our bras for ages but never doing anything about it. What a great opportunity to have bra fittings together at home. We all came out with different bra sizes, some lovely lingerie and long gift lists for Xmas" Paula, Dudley, UK



Click here to see some real life customer before and after pictures. No surgery has been performed, we promise!



We’d love to hear your feedback. We want to constantly improve for our customers so tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what you need today! Contact us today