Bra Fit Troubleshooting


Bra Troubleshooting & Style Guide:

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We are on hand to help, whatever your bra conundrum. If you want to know how to quickly check if your current bra size is ok, or which style will suit you best, read on for more information.


If you can’t find the answer to your question here, have got a bit stuck in the process of fitting yourself or simply prefer to liaise with a professional on a one to one basis just get in touch. You can contact us by phone, email or live chat now and one of our professionals will get back to you within 24 hours.


Just want to check your current bra size is ok without a fitting?

You might be happy with your current size and just want to sense check that it’s still the best one for you before you stock up. It’s a good idea to do this if you haven’t had a bra fitting for a while because in our experience, customers often find their size has changed slightly but they don’t become aware of that until they actually try on the new size and feel and see the difference!


Our quick guide to common problems to look out for (and of course how to solve them) should help to reassure you that you are still in the right size or point out any changes you need to make before you buy.


Always wear your newest, best supporting and most comfortable bra to check the fit – older bras can lose their elasticity over time and if you wear these to check your size you may conclude you need a much smaller size when actually you just need a new bra that hasn’t been stretched out of shape!







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