Bra Sizing for Breast Augmentation



At Sebastian & Millicent we regularly provide advice to women who have undergone breast augmentation and found that, after buying an entirely new lingerie set, that it doesn't fit them. So if you’ve had breast implants and are now looking to update your bra drawer, we'd like to share two pieces of information that will help you:


Let’s get the bad news out of the way first - there is no such thing as a D-cup sized implant, or any other cup size for that matter! As those who have breast implants will know, implant volume is measured by ‘cc’, which stands for ‘cubic centimetre.’ Although it is said that 150cc-200cc very roughly equates to an increase in one, to one and a half cup sizes, the fact is that there is no set correlation between breast implant size and bra cup size.


This is because your other body measurements, such as height, weight, your current breast dimension, chest width and skin quality will all determine how the implants settle and how they will influence your ultimate bra size.


And now, the good news – once your breasts are fully healed and you’ve had clearance from your doctor to wear underwired bras, how you measure your new bra size is exactly the same as how you’d measure yourself without a breast augmentation. With Sebastian & Millicent, you can choose how you’d like to find out your bra size by using the links below – either in-person with one of the Sebastian & Millicent bra fitters (or via Skype or telephone - choose the 'face-to'face' option below), or you can measure yourself if you’d prefer (choose the 'DIY Express' or 'Fit Like the Professionals' options). Make sure you also check out our Bra Shopping Tips after Breast Augmentation, where we’ve done all the hard work to help guide you through updating your lingerie drawer. See, we told you it was good news!


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Read what our customers have to say...

"I had been looking for some new bras after i had implants but couldn't find any that suited them. I started to get worried that i'd done the wrong thing. Rachael and her colleague came to my home and brought a lot of different bra styles for me to try. They also explained what to look for in a bra after you've had breast implants. I am now really happy!" Kate G, Birmingham, UK


"I used the bra fitting calculator after watching the videos online from the Sebastian & Millicent website. They were very clear and i ended up buying three bras from the Le Mystere range. My boobs look fantastic, and my girllfriend loves them!" Rachel, S. Wales, UK





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