Solutions to Common Fitting Problems



The band of the bra is higher at the back than at the front, and you can fit more than 2 fingers under the band at the back. 

Go down a back size, e.g. from 36 to 34, so that the back band forms a straight line across your body when viewed from the side.


If the back band is moving up towards your shoulder blades or still rides up even on the tightest setting and/or if you can fit several fingers in and pull the bra out then go down two back sizes, e.g. from 36 to 32.

The bra straps are digging in to the shoulders, leaving indentations or falling off. 

Go down a back size, e.g. from 36 to 34.


If the straps show these signs even when fully tightened, go down two back sizes, e.g. from 36 to 32.

Your skin bulges out under the back brand of your bra, causing a ripple effect and unsightly ‘back fat’

Go down a back size, e.g. from 36 to 34 and choose a style with a broad back band.


This will stop the movement which causes the ripple effect and smooth the skin




The centre of the bra sticks out and there is a gap between the centre piece and your body. 

Go up a cup size, e.g. from B to C.


If the centre hardly touches your body at all, go up two cup sizes, e.g. from B to D

The underwire feels soft and squidgy to touch.

Go up a cup size, e.g. from B to C.


If your breasts are also poking out at the bottom of the cup, go up two cup sizes, e.g. from B to D

Your breasts spill out over the top or at the side of the cups rather than leaving a smooth line.

Go up a cup size, e.g. from B to C .


If the over spill is very pronounced - i.e. you have a double boob effect - go up two cup sizes, e.g. from B to D




There are gaps in the cup that are still there even when you pull the back band in as tightly as possible.

Go down a cup size, e.g. from C to B, but make sure this is you have checked the gaps are still there when you hold the back band really tight first – if they are not, then you need to go down in the back size instead.




Your breasts are bulging at the side of the bra, and tending to sag. 

Choose a bra with side panels for extra support, along with a three sectioned cup for a firm hold.




Use our Size Charts to buy the correct size everytime you buy!

Just like when you buy clothes, different brands or styles of bra can require slightly different sizes. We call these ‘sister' sizes. You’ll also find that if your standard size isn't available, you can often buy a ‘sister’ size and still get a good fit in a style you love and may otherwise not have been able to buy.


Once you know your standard size, it is worth calculating your sister sizes too. These are the sizes that you’ll find may also work for you if your normal size isn’t available in a particular range, if you have a particular preference for a firmer or looser fit or if a particular make of bra is more tight or loose fitting that the standard. Don’t worry by the way – when you browse our bras, our fitting notes will always tell you if that is the case!


Simply find your standard size on our size chart, and you’ll see your sister sizes automatically calculated  - so whatever bra you like, you should be able to find a size that works! 


If you are from outside of the UK or buying a brand with non-UK sizing, our international size charts show how sizes from different countries convert, making it easy to buy brands from all over the world and still choose the best size first time. 



The Fit Comparison - we put brands to the test!

Just like clothes and shoes, it is often the case that bras from one manufacturer will fit differently to bras from another. We secretly think it’s all designed to try to fox us, but we won’t let those pesky little lingerie labels confuse us! Watch our Fit Comparison videos for your favourite brand to find out how they match up – then shop away with confidence. Sorted!



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"I knew my bra wasn’t feeling quite right but couldn’t work out why. The images on your website that show common bra problems were really clear and I was able to sort it out straight away" Belinda S, Cleethorpes, UK


"I always felt a bit embarrassed about my unusual shaped breasts so seeing an image of boobs just like mine in your breast shapes guide was a bit of a surprise. It was such a relief to know I’m not odd after all and to find the tight shape finally. Thank you for such an easy to follow guide for real women" Karen H, Tamworth, UK


"I confess to having spent years feeling confused by the array of bra styles on offer – thanks for boiling it down to a simple, easy to understand selection. I have finally found the right style for my shape" Erica L, Manchester, UK


"I didn’t want to spend time on a fitting but could tell my bra wasn’t quite right. I used your Bra Troubleshooting guide to try to work out the problem and when I thought I had the answer I clicked on live chat to check it with an expert – very pleased to say I was right and now have a much better fitting bra! Very quick and effective service – I was impressed and have already recommended it to my friends" Jackie F, Manchester, UK


"Thank you so much for a wonderful day at your recent VIP Shopping Salon in London. I felt truly pampered and came away in a totally different bra size that i arrived in. I went from 36C to 32F! and with some amazing lingerie. Now I know my size I’ll be topping up online until the next party!" Charlotte N, London, UK


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