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Dress it, Work it, Flaunt it: Style it!

lingerie styling to create the perfect top-to-toe looks and the essential lingerie drawer


Finding the right bra isn’t just about size – choosing the right style to suit your body shape, the perfect colours to match your skin tone and wardrobe;  and building a lingerie drawer that works for every occasion are all part of the services we offer in a fitting consultation . And then we get to the really fun bit – dressing up! All our bras have beautiful matching knickers in whatever shape you fancy, as well as gorgeous accessories (suspenders, negligees, stockings and more) to create a stunning top to toe look that will make you feel fabulously feminine. It’s just what you need each morning to get ready to take on the world!


We don’t compromise on fit or fashion – all our styles have the wow factor and fit well too. Most of them (apart form a few special bedroom pieces) can be worn every day to make you feel amazing. We only select the very best, so you can have the best of all worlds.


You can have fun styling yourself at home too (especially with a group of friends and a bottle of wine!) using our Style Guides. Take a look at our Bra Style Guide to find what different bra styles will do for your shape. Peruse our Colour Guide to find your perfect colour combinations, and open our Lingerie Drawer to see how to build the perfect lingerie collection for every day of the week – plus the extra bits to dress it up! 



Bra Style Guide

Bamboozled by bra styles? Want to know your plunges from your balconies? Use this guide to answer all your questions. Go to the styles you are interested in and find out what and who they are good for and when they are best avoided. 


Introducing the full cup bra! The ultimate in support, with higher cups, and often with wider straps and a deeper back band. In wired styles, the wire sits higher, under the arm.


Great for...medium or larger sized breasts – gives the maximum support and keeps your assets firmly in place all day. Less revealing than some styles, which is good with certain outfits or for certain jobs! Full cups are still very seductive and feminine.


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Full & Relaxed, Pendulous.


Avoid have petite or athletic breasts, or not much breast tissue at the top of your breasts.




Introducing the balcony bra! Sometimes referred to as a balconet or balconette, this bra offers great support with less coverage. The cup can be angled or sit in a straight line across the breasts (known as a half cup) and the wire is rounded and shallower than a full cup.


Great for...many breast shapes, especially those that are fuller at the bottom than the top. Provides a seductive shape and a gentle cleavage that looks fabulous with lower cut neckline. Half cut styles usually have wider sets straps and may have vertical seams for extra forward projection - we call it va va voom!


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Pendulous, Pushed Together.


Avoid have very full breasts at the top as the cup will dig in and create a bulge.




Introducing the plunge bra! A low cut bra with a deep ‘V’ shaped neckline and a shallow wire, often padded 


Great for...larger breasts that still have some firmness or small and pert breasts. Creates the perfect cleavage and pushes the breasts together for a va va voom shape, seductive and glamorous


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Athletic & Petite.


Avoid have lost a lot of elasticity from your breasts as loose skin will bulge , or you already have breasts that are pushed together and would prefer to have gap between them.




Introducing the push up bra! Available in a full cup, balcony or plunge style, this bra does what it says on the tin – pushes the breasts up. Usually wired & sometimes with memory foam, it provides great lift and forward projection for all sizes


Great for...when you want maximum lift, and a sexy va va voom shape. Our go to style for feeling fabulous everyday! 


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Full & Relaxed, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Pendulous, Athletic & Petite


Avoid prefer a more relaxed shape that’s less out there!




Introducing the molded bra! Also known as a pre-formed bra or T-shirt bra, molded bras come in all styles and sizes and have smooth cups which are made on a mold to be completely seamless. They are sometimes padded for extra volume


Great for...a perfectly smooth line under clothes and a totally invisible look when you choose it in a skin tone shade. Can be good for hiding differences in breast size and adding extra volume, especially when they are padded. Our go to style for a flawless everyday finish under any outfit. 


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Athletic & Petite, Asymmetric 


Avoid have very loose skin as it will bulge over the cup 




Introducing the strapless or multi-way bra! Usually in a balcony style, a bra with straps that can be positioned on different settings or completely removed. Usually with extra support in the back band


Great for...strapless outfits where you don’t want your bra straps to show – especially in summer or for special occasions. A must for your lingerie drawer, available in mouded or non-molded styles and a style to suit everyone.


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Full & Relaxed, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Athletic & Petite, Asymmetric 


Avoid have very large and heavy breasts, as ideally it is best to have straps. However, most people can find a strapless bra that suits them so give it a go!




Introducing the shoulder bra! Usually a plunge or balcony bra, with wider - often ornate - shoulders, creating a feature with or without clothes 


Great for...combining glamour with comfort and light to medium support – shoulder bras offer a totally different and very feminine look. Perfect for showing off your underwear!


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Athletic & Petite


Avoid have heavier breasts as you may find you need more support 




Introducing the longline bra! A bra with a deeper underband that stretches down towards the waist and gives a pretty bustier effect.


Great for...a really pretty, ‘underwear as outerwear’ look that you can show off. Also very supportive, slimming and shaping – knock ‘em dead! 


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Athletic & Petite


Avoid prefer a lighter feeling, shallower bra without any restrictions around your midriff 




Introducing the bralette! A non wired bra, usually in a  simple triangle shape and a light, comfortable fabric


Great for...smaller breasts and for when you don’t want to feel like you have a bra on. Can be worn all day as well as all night to sleep in  - the ultimate comfort, and very pretty too.


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Athletic & Petite


Avoid have larger or  more relaxed breasts as you will need more support




Introducing the peep bra! A bedroom bra with an open cup, or no cup at all – designed to show off your assets seductively


Great for...a seductive boudoir look, and a naturally voluptuous shape


Bosom Buddies...Full & Round, Full & Relaxed, Wide-Set, Teardrop, Pendulous, Athletic & Petite, Pushed Together, Asymmetric


Avoid are off to work and want a bit more modesty!






Colour Guide

Find your perfect colour combinations by following our 4 simple steps to choosing your lingerie colours:


Step 1 – Sort your staples

Most women need a core colour range which become their colour staples – usually a skin tone, as this will be invisible under any colour you wear including white) and black. You’ll need at least 3 bras in each of these colours - one to wear, one to wash, one extra for when you can’t be bothered to do the washing! Click here to see our range of staples


Step 2 – Match your skintone

There are a range of skin tones now available so it’s easy to match to yours. Having said that don’t get too hung up about it – Caucasian and Asian skins usually suit most shades of beige and these will all be invisible under clothes. Black skins can wear black or dark brown for a neutral look. Top tip: try red – it is invisible under many colours and a seductive alternative to skin tone! Click here to see our range of skintone bras


Step 3 – Match your outfits

As well as having lingerie that looks and feels good, it needs to match your wardrobe. Once you have the staples colours sorted, you’ll be able to wear these with most clothes but that doesn’t stop you having some fun by choosing colours that match particular outfits, especially where straps may show, colours you simply love or colours you want to show off (yes, that red longline bra will look great under a jacket!) See our range of colourful bras here


Step 4 – Dress for the Occasion

Feeling seductive? Dressing for your wedding day or evening?

We all now the classic colours that work – black is sexy, white is for brides. But there are a lot of other options out there too. Reds, purples, deep blues and striking emeralds can be incredibly seductive. Ivory and gold are beautiful bridal colours – and many brides shun tradition and opt for striking scarlet or super- hot pink. Take a look at our range of colours and push the boundaries! 




The Lingerie Drawer

Build the perfect lingerie collection for every day of the week and every occasion. Don’t forget the extra bits to dress it up! Here’s a lowdown of the ideal lingerie drawer to make you feel fabulous, whilst also being practical, every day:


Get ready everyday look


What you need...A smooth and seamless moulded bra in skin tone and black – 3 of each - choose a va va voom push up style for everyday sexiness. A comfortable bralette, balcony or full cup bra for putting your feet up and relaxing  at home – 2 or 3 of each so you can strip off and chill out at leisure. A firm support bra for more active days – try a full cup from Le Mystere.


Dress it up to create the complete look...Matching seamless knickers to give you an invisible look under any outfit (a choice of shorts, briefs and thong to match different outfits). Super smoothing shapewear, such as a pair of ‘beauty tights’ from M6 - its shapewear for legs! Matching suspender and stockings when you want to feel super sexy and powerful (without anyone else knowing!) and a pair of relaxing lounge pants for kicking back at home - try something from Violet & Wren or Hesper Fox

Get ready for...a fun night out


What you need...A plunge bra for low cut necklines  – one in skin tone and one in black to match any outfit. A good strapless / multiway bra – one in skin tone and one in black to match any outfit. A ‘show off ‘ style such as a shoulder bra or longline bra to wear with a smart jacket for a seductive outerwear look - try something from Pleasure State. Finally, anything fun  - choose colours and styles that match your outfit and make you feel fabulous for the perfect night out. 


Dress it up to create the complete look...Matching knickers for each bra to create a top to toe coordinated look (a choice of shorts, briefs and thong to match different outfits). Suspender belts and stockings or funky tights or hold-ups for a stunning evening style. Sexy shapewear to hold you in in all the right places and smooth any lumps, such as a shape dress from ITEM m6, and a gorgeous waist cincher to wear as a belt – it will create the perfect hourglass and turn heads. Don't forget the matching chemise, lounge pants and top and robe to slip into when you get home - check out the nightwear selections

Get ready for...a formal party or event


What you need...A good strapless / multiway bra – one in skin tone and one in black to match any outfit. A good strapless basque or bustier to match any outfit and help streamline your silhouette and provide strap free support. Smooth and seamless shapewear to pull you in and remove any lumps and bumps  - choose a dress, skirt and high waist pants in skin tone and you’ll have the perfect solution for any outfit from ITEM m6.


Dress it up to create the complete look...Matching knickers for each bra to create a top to toe coordinated look (a choice of shorts, briefs and thong to match different outfits). Suspender belts and stockings or funky tights or hold ups for a stunning evening style, along with matching chemise, lounge pants and top and robe to slip into when you get home from our nightwear collection

Get ready night!


What you need...A seductive va va voom bra to make the most of your assets – try a plunge or balcony for extra cleavage. A special bedroom bra for provocative look  that will turn you in to  a femme fatale – try a peep or shoulder bra. A gorgeous, sculpted basque for the ultimate in sexy  seductress – it will make you feel amazing. Finally, a beautiful babydoll or chemise (sexier than an old t shirt!)


Dress it up to create the complete look...A sexy selection of matching knickers for a seductive top-to-toe look (try bow back, corset or peephole styles for an erotic touch). A sexy suspender belt or waist cincher for an hourglass shape and stockings or hold ups that can be slowly removed! Don't forget the matching robe to slip into (and out of)



To overhaul your lingerie drawer, reserve a place at one of our VIP shopping salons or book a one to one style consultation with one of our professional stylists

For the ultimate special occasion - your wedding day - take a look at our Bridal Service


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"I had no idea that wearing white bras under white clothes meant they would show and now I have discovered skin tones I’ll never go back" Laura, Kent, UK


"I didn’t think I’d ever get away with a basque in my size, but I tried one for a bit of a dare and it is stunning and very sexy plus I can wear it as shapewear" Porsche, Cardiff, UK


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