Luxury lingerie and the timeless elegance of iconic design

As remarked by Yves Saint Laurent: ‘fashions fade, style is eternal’. Luxury lingerie is the backbone of good style and instrumental in helping women to look great, whatever they choose from their wardrobe. Yet, despite getting the most wear, bras get the least love of anything in the delicates section. Many women shun high end lingerie and wear the same two or three (not so luxury) bras every day for years. Why? Because the question of how to dress your décolletage is especially tricky, particularly when a fickle catwalk isn’t always in love with what Mother Nature gave us and what’s more we don’t always think we deserve luxury lingerie. At Sebastian and Millicent, we beg to differ!


Underwear is an area where it is worth paying that bit more for. Premium lingerie really does mean premium quality and luxury bras really do give you luxury boobs. The most iconic luxury lingerie designers, such as Lise Charmel and Empreinte, have created a ripple effect across the luxury lingerie world that is still going strong today.  Offering elegantly simple, infinitely wearable bras and knickers, these high end lingerie brands enable you to express your strong, sexy and independent attitude in the finest iconic luxury lingerie styles. Whether it’s the iconic Aubade Bahia range, one of Lise Charmel’s timeless luxury bras in guipure lace or your choice of the best in class high end lingerie sets from Empreinte, premium lingerie can make you look and feel transformed, and the world’s best known luxury lingerie brands know how to achieve that time and time again with beautiful bras and knockout knickers. That's why we love luxury lingerie.


At Sebastian and Millicent, our aim is to bring you the finest selection of luxury lingerie from around the world. We call it ‘wow’ lingerie. To us high end lingerie needs to fit flawlessly, be visually stunning and practical enough to wear all day everyday – that’s what we mean when we say 'wow' lingerie. Luxury bras aren’t just for the bedroom or the catwalk, in our view they are for everyone, whatever the occasion. Everyone deserves to feel  fabulous every day, starting with fabulous underwear and we think high end lingerie is indeed fabulous. We work hard to bring you what we think is the perfect combination of luxury lingerie that not only looks premium but has a premium fit too. We offer luxury bras that come in 26 to 44 backs and A to I cups; high end lingerie sets that are pretty yet smooth enough to wear everyday , premium lingerie for special occasions and a luxury lingerie service including expert one to one bra fittings with the best of our luxury bras to try on and see for yourself. Our premium lingerie collection is hand-picked from the world’s most iconic luxury lingerie brands, with a smattering of emerging premium lingerie labels offering the latest state of the art luxury lingerie sets to keep it fresh. Known for offering the finest luxury bras and lingerie sets, our luxury lingerie Icons are at the pinnacle of the lingerie world: premium lingerie brands that are renowned the world over for lingerie luxury and excellence built up from years of experience. 


But just what styles are key to creating a luxury lingerie wardrobe packed with luxury lingerie classics that accentuate your body shape and genuinely stand the test of time? Keep reading to find out how to find your luxury!


1:  Do you know your body shape?

Knowing your basic body shape and understanding the types of luxury lingerie that will accentuate your gorgeous figure means that you’ll save hours in the fitting room trying on different styles. The problem with this is that you are your harshest critic, and tend to focus on a specific area (i.e. problems zones such as the tummy, arms, bottom, and thighs) which clouds your judgment when it comes to actually looking at yourself as a whole.  To analyse your shape, look at yourself in the mirror when you get out of bed in the morning, as this is when we are standing up straight with relaxed muscles. Stand with your legs together and your arms a bit away from your sides. Examine the area from under your shoulders, past your bust and ribcage, over your waist and hips to the fullest part of your thighs.


If your breasts are large and are a little bit fuller in your midsection, with broader shoulders and slim legs, it’s most likely that you’re apple shaped. Have a slim upper torso with fuller hips, thighs and buttocks? That sounds like a pear shape to us! If you are slim and lack curves you’ll tick the rectangle or boyish figure box - but buying the right types of lingerie can give the illusion of curves, and play up your best assets, so there’s no need to worry! Finally, a small waist with a proportionate bust and hips means you have them most desired figure of all: the hourglass.


Now that you know your shape, you need to decide which of your features you love and find the best luxury lingerie to accentuate them. You deserve a bit of luxury!


2:  Apple

To show off your curves, the goal is to pick lingerie sets that hug your assets and flatter your not-so-favourite features. Try high end lingerie for the finest quality and opt for lingerie sets with a full cup bra to cradle your bigger bust paired with a high waist panty to flatter your stomach. Bodysuits with deep V necks are also super flattering on apple body shapes because they draw the eye and lengthen your body. A semi sheer babydoll, luxury chemise or bustier with underwire cups will cover your tummy and play up your cleavage, providing a soft focus to your entire body as well as making you feel like a goddess. If you really want to turn up the heat, opt for a luxury bustier. It’ll pull in your waist and give a Lady Marmalade profile.


If you’re seeking high end lingerie with a little more coverage, try a long and silky luxury negligee. Many come with matching robes, which can be tied low around your waist, creating a plunging neckline and giving your body a flattering vertical line. Treat yourself to some luxury!


3:  Pear

Pear shaped and want to visually increase the size of your breasts? Easy! Try one of our luxury bras for superior support . For the utmost lift go for a push up or padded style. Not only will these help to make you feel more blessed along the chest area, but the added padding will also help to create the illusion of smaller hips and a more defined waist…and of course draw attention upwards!


As for your lower half…lucky you! If your perfectly happy with your bottom half and want to show off your asset, style on the basis of less is more! Our premium lingerie brands offer beautifully cut luxury bikini briefs, high leg styles, luxury thongs and g strings which will all help your thighs and legs to appear slimmer. Add some heels and you can add ‘legs that last for days’ to your list of identifiers.


If you’re self-conscious about your lower body and lingerie sets featuring  luxury bras that scream ‘look at me’ paired with understated, matching knickers aren’t enough to make you feel confident, try luxury shapewear; it has been massively improved in the last few years, with an emphasis on what women actually want to achieve by wearing it. Many stars wear high end shapewear to red carpet and other events, some of them even have their own design label, so why not invest in some? Bag a bit of luxury cinching!


4:  Rectangle

For girls who have athletic or what some would refer to as ‘boyish’ bodies - straight hips and a Kate Moss-esque décolletage - you’re looking for luxury lingerie sets that are girly without being too sweet. A plunging lace push-up bra with matching knickers will make your body look more classically feminine.  Similarly, premium lingerie sets featuring balcony bras are ideal for creating curves for athletic figures, just look for wide-set, delicate straps that will bring luxury and softness to strong shoulders. These are best teamed with low-cut shorts or Brazilian-style briefs to show off your toned bum. Add a luxury garter belt and stockings to up the ante on your look and pair your luxury lingerie with some strut worthy high heels – what a sexy sight to behold!Another way to pump up your silhouette is to add bold colour to give dimension to your figure. Baby doll nighties with feminine lace touches can help play up those curves you covet, and garter sets paired with luxury bras not only cinch in your waist but also show off those long legs! Get that luxury look!


5:  Hourglass

If you’re lucky enough to rock curves that Marilyn Monroe would be jealous of, just about any underwear is going to look amazing on you. Still, you might need a little more support when it comes to your girls, whether you’re looking for all-day comfort or a one-night stunner.


Premium lingerie designers have embraced technology and innovation to enhance classic bra designs and provide better support for full breasts. If you carry more weight at the front or side of your breasts, a plunge or balcony bra will push up your assets and give you a high end décolletage. Thin padding or lining will leave a smooth, seam-free finish and a shape you'll love without any unwanted volume. If you have a very full breast at the front, go for the iconic full-cup bra for the best structure and most flattering silhouette. Remember, four-boob is a symptom of ill-fitting underwear and should be avoided at all costs! Add a bit of sexiness to your outfit with a suspender belt that matches several lingerie sets. This will keep attention on your tiny waist, creating a classically sexy style. Luxury and lusciousness all in one.



Bottom line: your shape is beautiful, so celebrate it and treat it to some luxury lingerie. Highlight all the great features you have! Great legs? Sultry shoulders? Divine décolleté? Show them off! There are so many premium lingerie options to choose from so you'll always be able to find something that will complement your body shape, scale, proportions, colouring, personality and life style and offer a bit of luxury. Whether its luxury bras or matching lingerie sets that make you feel fabulous, in the end, being confident in your own skin is a luxury we all deserve, and at Sebastian and Millicent, the starting point is luxury lingerie. 


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