A Touch of Glamour

A Touch of Glamour

Lessons in lingerie and old-school glamour

A high end bra and knicker sets are a great way of adding glamour to your life that doesn’t take any extra time; it just takes a little bit more of a careful selection and an understanding of your body and mind. Buying a new high end bra with matching high end knickers just for you is about valuing yourself and making yourself a priority, and here’s the great part: you don’t have to go to a party or receive a special invitation to wear your best lingerie. The truth is you can a wear a high end bra anytime you’re in the mood.


Ladies lingerie guides often talk about the best lingerie to wear for a man but a high end bra is usually bought by a woman for herself. Your best friend (you) deserves the best lingerie after all.


Whether you are a dd diva or a petite bombshell, follow our seven tips below to ladies lingerie with the wow factor and find the best high end styles for you. Whether you choose a high end bra or loungewear piece, we guarantee that you’ll be more empowered and confident:


1:  Did you know that underwear is your secret weapon to create a high end sophisticated foundation?

Sophistication is all about casting a spell (or feeling) into your everyday life. All true glam people know that a signature item is the key to having the wow factor, and investing in a high end bra is a perfect place to start. Finding your key pieces will not only give you an easy injection of daily pizazz, but you’ll also get to show the world what you’re all about.


Cleavage enhancing bras highlight your assets, either by being low cut, by enhancing your bust size, or both! For smaller breasts, cleavage enhancing bras, such as push up or plunge bras, will help you better fill out your top and give you more shape. If you are already wearing DD lingerie or bigger, a plunge bra is a great way to highlight your cleavage without adding to your décolletage. And are you ready for our favourite bit? Your high end underwear will render you totally unforgettable to those you meet, thanks to the confidence it gives you!


2:  Planning your mornings helps bring out your inner glam goddess

For most of us, the act of getting ready for the world each morning is a blurry-eyed, caffeine-fuelled affair hardly: what you’d call high end or glam. But do you remember when your parents told you to pick out your outfit for school the night before? Like the majority of us, you lost sight of it as you got older, but the fact is that there are lots of benefits to planning your morning routine the night before, starting with picking out your best lingerie. Spend some time thinking about what the next day has in store for you; whether it be attending an important meeting, indulging in lunch at your favourite restaurant with your closest friends or just running errands, the bra you wear underneath your clothes matters. If you want to feel high end, wear a high end bra.


Wearing a high end bra underneath your clothes sends a powerful message to both yourself and the world: confidence and mystique. Ultimately, whether your preference is for cleavage enhancing bras, the finest ladies lingerie from far flung countries or dd lingerie with a superb fit, dressing in your best lingerie is sending a very powerful message to your psyche: you think you are worth it. That’s pretty glamorous if you ask us, whatever the bra!


3:  Did you know that having an air of mystery makes you more appealing?

Ladies lingerie should ooze mystery and grace, taking us on a beautiful journey into enchantment. Applying this to your bra and knickers lets you reveal just enough and leaves the rest to the imagination  - we call it your underwear mystique: the hidden intrigue that creates allure! Immersing yourself into a world of mystery is incredibly easy when it comes to bra and knicker sets. In fact, it’s probably the easiest thing in this list to do so there really is no excuse. Try a robe over your best lingerie set or silk chemise with a bra and feel the sensual silk against your skin. Or try out a basque with a pair of your favourite stockings and sashay around in front of the mirror. Doing one of these things every day, even for just five minutes is an effective way to switch off from the every-day drudgery and breathe in some much needed glamour.


It’s hard to be glamorous when you don’t feel inspired, which is why you must feed your soul: contact one of our stylists to book your VIP shopping experience or exclusive ladies lingerie styling session and begin your ascent into glamour.


4:  Curvy girls ooze va-va-voom

All ladies want to look sexy in their underwear but also to be comfortable and confident. If you’re already well-endowed and wearing DD lingerie or bigger, seeking cleavage enhancing bras may seem the opposite of what you need. But remember; the temptress is there in girls of all shapes, and curvy girls have the added advantage of, well, curves - so enjoy them!


There are so many misconceptions around plunge or push up bra styles for ladies that need DD lingerie or above, with the main one being around your chest looking bigger. Now, of course you can buy really great padded bras that are designed to make you look a cup size or two bigger, but for most DD sized bras that simply isn’t true. First, you need a bra that fits well. Nothing is going to make you less comfortable than if what you’re wearing is digging in, pinching, or sitting awkwardly. As soon as you have the right size you’ll see a complete difference in your body shape – your breasts will be lifted and shaped better, and your waist more defined. Believe it or not, your chest will actually seem smaller because your breasts are properly supported.


5:  Did you know size doesn’t matter? But the right sizing does

Ladies, you have too much to worry about in life to be tugging on your bra all day or worrying that something will fall out and make an embarrassing cameo!  Like anything in life, looking and feeling good means sticking to a few basic rules and the most important is getting a proper fitting. Having a well fitted bra can help to streamline your silhouette by lifting your bust and smoothing out any unnecessary bulges but just because you can do it up, doesn’t mean it fits.


At Sebastian and Millicent, our expert bra fitters and stylists can make recommendations for bras that will suit you based on your size and breast shape, so you won’t end up trying on every bra in the shop (unless you want to!) Our bra fitters will also teach you tips about how underwear, particularly cleavage enhancing bras and high end bra ranges should fit, so you will be empowered to buy pieces on your own.


Did you know that most women after a professional bra fitting end up in D or DD lingerie, or bigger?  Whatever size your fitter recommends, remember that it’s just a number on a bra, not a measure of your self-worth. If you need to cut out the size tags on every DD lingerie style you own to eliminate anxiety and bring out your glam goddess, go ahead and cut them out.


6:  Play with colour during your day

A high end bra and knickers set can have many moods, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of humour into your delicates drawer with colour. White is pure and innocent, black is sophisticated and seductive, red is sultry, sexy and powerful, pastels and florals are pretty and sweet, and animal prints are wild. Think of your body as a stage and dress the set appropriately for the scene you’d like to unfold. Ladies lingerie choices now are so extensive, there's something for every mood.


Unlike other transformations that might require gruelling effort or costly gym memberships, a complete overhaul of your intimates can be achieved in a single weekend - instant gratification for your body and brain! So if you’re looking for inspiration, book an appointment with one of our expert stylists and let them guide you through our exclusive designer pieces that suit both your shape and your personality. One of the great things about Sebastian and Millicent stylists is that they hand pick the best lingerie from independent designers, allowing you to pick and choose dynamic DD lingerie, cleavage enhancing bras that give you an air of mystery and intrigue, or simply a high end bra and knicker set that you love and that’s what theatre is all about: telling a story - and a good story never climaxes too soon!


7:  Don’t obsess over your looks

While it’s important to present yourself in a way that feels good to you, it’s not good to obsess over it. So forget perfection, forget unrealistically high standards and focus again on the small stuff.  You just need to find the best lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, whether it’s a colour or a print that reminds you of your first date, or a power plunge bra that radiates your inner minx. Find little things that make you feel good and that inner glam goddess will shine on the outside.



At the end of the day, feeling good comes from within so express it in everything you do. Adding high end glamour to your life doesn’t have to mean being over the top. It can be a small little touch, such as wearing a high end bra, that make the biggest difference in you feeling like the star you are...that is, a star in a high end bra.


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