After Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation can do wonders for your confidence - get a bra that your new breasts deserve!

After Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation - dressing your new breasts with beautiful bras

Breast augmentation will totally change your bra shopping experience! Clearly, your breasts will be larger, but it’s not as easy as just getting a bigger cup size – you’ll need a bra to work with a number of shape changes that are characteristic of breast augmentation:


    Your breast shape will be rounder. This means that a cup that is conical will not be a good fit and you’ll end up with loose fabric across the nipple; it’s best to go for a rounder cup. The increased volume in your breasts also means that you’ll need a deeper cup with higher sides, because women with implants tend to have less breast tissue at the side.

    Your breast footprint will be smaller. The footprint of your breast is the area of chest wall that your breast occupies, and its more than likely that your plastic surgeon has discussed this with you when deciding on how large your implants could be. An augmented breast has a smaller footprint than a natural breast, and an oval shaped underwire in a normal bra is generally too wide to effectively support a breast with an implant.

    Your cleavage will be wider than before surgery. Breasts with implants often feature cleavage that is wider set than what it was pre-surgery. As a result, the centre gore of a regular bra is too narrow for augmented breasts, which have a smaller base. You’ll need a bra with a larger centre gore to ensure that the bra fits snugly against your skin between your new breasts.


Don’t worry if this sounds complex, we’ve done all of the work to make sure that you get a bra that’s beautiful and supportive and have pulled together our 7 top tips to make sure your post-surgery lingerie overhaul is a success!



Seven steps to choosing the right bra after breast augmentation and implants

1:  Give your body enough time to heal

Before you go on a crazy bra-shopping spree, make sure you give your body enough time to fully heal - wearing a regular bra too soon can irritate sensitive tissue and you’re your breasts from healing properly. Immediately after surgery, your doctor will likely place you in a surgical support bra, which could then change to a supportive sports bra a few weeks later, based on the advice of your doctor. The most important recovery tip after breast augmentation surgery is to make sure that your new breasts are completely supported. If putting on a bra causes you any discomfort, talk to your doctor, and give yourself some extra time before switching over to regular bras full-time.


2:  Get a professional fitting

A well-fitting bra will support your breasts and help to prevent future sagging – even implants can’t escape the clutches of gravity! As your new breasts may have a slightly different feel and shape to what you’re used to, it is important to seek out a specialist bra fitter to help you find your correct size.


Sebastian & Millicent have highly trained experts who can accurately determine your bra size just by looking at you, and unlike department stores our specialists don't use a tape measure. Contact one of our stylists to book a personal fitting today and build your lingerie drawer. Once you know your new size, the fun part begins!


3:  Don't worry about the numbers on your bra tag

You and your doctor may have agreed on the size you want to be, but factors can affect what bra size will actually fit you properly. What’s more, cup sizes aren’t as standardised as breast implant size, which is determined by volume in cubic centimetres (cc), this means that implants tend to be much fuller than your natural breast would be therefore you may need a bra cup size than you originally thought. Our best advice is to get a professional fitting and see what fits and what doesn’t. After all, if you don’t like your new size you can always cut out the tag and no one will know!


4:  Try different bra styles until you find one that you like

This is the exciting part! You have new breasts, which means that it is the perfect time to try something completely new! When buying new bras, try some different colours and styles than you’re used to; you might discover a style that you’ve never considered before, that now fits better than your old bra styles ever did. Check out our bra styling guide and experiment with different shapes. Having an open mind can make for a very fun shopping trip with friends, as you can try new things and get feedback about what they think.


Want to know what Sebastian & Millicent stylists always recommend? Try Le Mystere. The brand worked with plastic surgeons to design a bra specifically aimed at women who have breast implants, being super supportive and aesthetically beautiful! The range features round underwires, high sides and super-supportive fabric to give forward projection and uplift to your breasts.


5:  Did you know its best to buy two bras at a time?

Even after your new breasts have settled and you’ve had your fitting, there may still be some slight shifting and changing for about six months. This means that bras you buy two months after breast augmentation surgery might not fit properly a few months later. Buy one or two nice bras or lingerie sets that you’re comfortable in, that flatter you and your new shape until you’re confident that your breasts have fully settled and your bra size remains stable. After all, you don’t want a drawer full of ill-fitting lingerie!


6:  Have a regular fitting every six months

You’ve had your initial fitting but that doesn’t mean you can cross it off your list for a few years. Your breasts change as we age and gain or lose weight, and augmented breasts will change as they settle. There are numerous ways to get a bra fitting with Sebastian & Millicent – face to face in your own home, over Skype or telephone.


7:  Enjoy your new body and breasts!

This really is one of the most important pieces of advice we can give you – enjoy your new breasts and splurge on a new lingerie wardrobe. Be a confident, amazing and sassy female and enjoy your new breasts – you deserve them!



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