Bridal lingerie and Honeymoon Seduction: The Ultimate Guide for Brides

Buying great bridal lingerie is imperative if you want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day. On this day more than any other you need great fitting supportive wedding lingerie to enhance the appearance of your bridal outfit and your figure: no visible panty lines or bra straps today please!


Wedding lingerie is an element of your bridal outfit which can be easily forgotten so whether you’re aiming for classic wedding elegance or a sensual bridal boudoir style, we’ve put together seven tips to help you find the best bridal lingerie for you.


Bridal lingerie traditions vary in different cultures. Wedding lingerie in the UK is typically white lingerie or sometimes comes in ivory which is another popular UK colour. However, eastern cultures favour  red bridal lingerie, so really anything goes!



Wedding Lingerie UK:

Wedding lingerie UK style has traditionally featured white lingerie, the classic bridal choice in the UK. Lace lingerie is also a classic wedding lingerie option in the UK. UK skins however don't always suit white lingerie, and softer ivory or cream are also popular choices according to our bridal experts who have assisted in choosing the bridal underwear for lots of brides.


UK brides often opt for strapless dresses, so a strapless bra is essential. And colder weather means UK brides can get away with a basque without being too hot - a benefit of the UK climate! If you opt for wedding lingerie UK style, a garter is also a traditional finishing touch - and don’t forget the horseshoe, a classic bridal accessory in the UK! 


If wedding lingerie UK style doesn't float your boat and you want to consider a more international theme for your bridal lingerie, go beyond UK traditions and take some tips from our guide to ‘Bridal Lingerie around the world’ Guide:


Bridal Lingerie around the world:

Lace lingerie is a popular bridal choice for weddings around the world. Lace lingerie feels and looks divine and has been worn by brides on their wedding day the world over for centuries. In the UK, Nottingham lace lingerie was a traditional bridal choice, while in France, the home of lace lingerie, Levers lace and Calais lace remain popular wedding lingerie choices for brides who still favour lace lingerie today. For an extra special look, lace lingerie can be chosen to match your bridal veil and even the lace in your wedding dress. Our bespoke service is popular with UK brides looking for extra special bridal lingerie in a lace of their choice. Contact us to find out more about our bespoke bridal design service for your bridal lingerie.


White lingerie is the number one choice around the world for bridal outfits. Some Asian cultures favour red over white lingerie, but globally ivory or white lingerie shades are still the number one choice for wedding lingerie.


Whereveryou are getting married and whatever your bridal lingerie preference, it’s important to get it right so follow our seven top tips to help you select the perfect bridal lingerie: 


1:  Choose your outfit first

Your wedding dress will dictate what type of lingerie you’ll need, so this needs to be chosen before your bridal lingerie. This is to prevent the blushing bride from putting on her wedding lingerie ensemble only to realise that her bridal lingerie doesn’t suit her bridal outfit or, worst of all, there are creases showing or unsightly bulges peeking out. Remember to take a selection of bras with you when trying on wedding dresses as this could help you decide which style of bridal lingerie you’d prefer: even if you find it rather inconvenient, the final result will be worth the trouble. And choosing bridal lingerie after you have already tried on your wedding dress offers another practical advantage – you may have chosen a style which has cups or boning stitched in; is free flowing and whimsical or is in sheer white lace. All of these details will determine the kind of wedding lingerie you should wear underneath in order to create your perfect bridal silhouette.


2:  Don’t leave it for the last day

Your wedding day isn’t the time to try anything for the first time, bridal underwear styles included!  If you are after the perfect look on your wedding day, you need to decide on your bridal lingerie three to four weeks in advance of your big day. This will give you enough time to try out different bridal styles from different designers and take your bridal lingerie to your final wedding dress fitting. If you’re having trouble choosing lingerie to match your dress, contact a Sebastian and Millicent stylist to book a personal fitting and private shopping experience; our stylists have access to the most desirable, functional and comfortable wedding lingerie from independent designers across the UK, Europe and the USA, with a strong focus on the London, Paris, Milan and New York fashion houses. They can help you choose the ultimate lingerie for honeymoon too!


3:  Size matters

An upcoming wedding could be the first time you may feel comfortable, and fully justified, going on a lingerie spending spree. Like your wedding gown, bridal underwear needs to be professionally fitted to give your body a perfect bridal silhouette, particularly if you’ve been dieting before the big day then now is the time to reveal that tip top figure! Sebastian and Millicent offers a personal and bespoke bridal service that includes professional fittings and the selection of bridal lingerie to suit your figure and wedding gown, as well as lingerie for honeymoon holidays. Get your marriage off to the most romantic start and contact one of our stylists to book a personal bridal appointment at a time and place convenient to you


4:  Think about your figure

Before succumbing to lovely lace lingerie or sensual silk bridal styles, remember that your bridal lingerie needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day. At the same time you have to select styles that offer you the right amount of support for your bust. This means that you need to devote enough time to trialling bridal underwear to ensure that it remains comfortable and the fit is perfect. To help with this, Sebastian and Millicent offers a bridal lingerie trial, which can be booked through your dedicated bridal stylist.


The kind of wedding dress you choose will also influence the style of your bridal underwear. If your gown has a low cut neckline, you’ll need a bra that fits discreetly underneath. One of the best options is to go for one with removable straps, letting you create a criss-cross back, halter, or strapless look. If your gown is backless, try a backless bridal bra that hooks at the waist or request cups sewn into your bridal dress to provide support. Mermaid and sheath bridal dresses really need seamless shapewear to give a smooth silhouette, whilst if you choose an A-line or ball gown style bridal gown you’ll be spoilt for choice as most options of bra will work with your bridal outfit. 


You’ve spent so much time on your bridal bra, but what about those legs? When considering wearing hold ups or tights you need to think about what you are used to. You could decide to go for bridal hold ups, as they are a lot cooler and make you feel that little bit sexier but if you do, make sure you get used to wearing them beforehand. For winter weddings, don’t forget a luxurious bridal bolero to keep you warm when you are having the wedding photos taken.


5:  Don’t forget the bridesmaids

Whilst you’re building your own bridal trousseau of matching lingerie for your wedding (and of course lingerie for honeymoon), consider your bridesmaids. A bridal shower is a chance for your best friends to express your joy at sharing such an important time in your life: what better than to give them a bridal gift? Something special such as a lace lingerie set, traditional white lingerie or a sensual chemise colour coordinated with their dress is the perfect bridal thankyou!


6:  Don’t forget about the wedding night

The first night you spend together as a married couple deserves some special wedding night lingerie, and it’s easy to become too focused on the bridal underwear for the day and forget about the bridal look for the night. If you’re ordinarily found in comfy pyjamas, this is a once in a lifetime experience that deserves something extra special and truly bridal. Traditionally, wedding night lingerie consists of a white, ivory or pastel shade two piece bridal set with flowing gown. Are you a little less traditional? Try a short bridal chemise to wow your partner, and if you want to be an outright vixen, a teddy or bridal style corset will create a memorable bridal look.


7:  Splash out on seductive lingerie for honeymoon nights

Your honeymoon should arguably be the best holiday you ever have.  It marks the start of your married life together so you and your other half deserve special lingerie for honeymoon harmony. Choose styles that match your bridal underwear, to extend the life of your bridal purchases, add some beautiful white lingerie to show off your tan and choose lace lingerie to wear under a jacket for evening. These are the sort of styles that are perfect lingerie for honeymoon nights and extend your bridal look for a bit longer. If your honeymoon is in the UK it's still important that honeymoon lingerie features high on your agenda - remember that you’re on honeymoon, so just go for it!



So there you have it, the ultimate bridal guide to underwear choices for your wedding day, whether you are in the UK or abroad. Be a bridal beauty and most of all, enjoy your big day and enjoy your bridal lingerie.

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