Something Seductive

Something Seductive

Erotic Lingerie: the Art of Seduction and Provocative Power (aka ESP)

Erotic lingerie is the ultimate weapon of seduction: it hints at, rather than fully revealing, what’s underneath. Whilst few can deny the erotic effect that provocative lingerie has on men, at Sebastian and Millicent we believe it isn’t about seducing your man as such and isn’t just for valentine’s day. Erotic lingerie is about seducing yourself.  Luckily, when you wear that provocative silk lingerie set you’ve been working up the courage to buy, you’ll walk differently, stand taller and feel more erotic and desirable…and trust us, your partner will notice your erotic aura! We call it ESP ... the Erotic Seductive Provocative power of underwear.


Are you an erotic lingerie aficionado already? If you are already a seasoned seductive lingerie shopper, we have lots of erotic styles for you to choose from for date nights, birthday treats, honeymoon and valentine’s as well as every day: gently erotic lingerie, subtly seductive lingerie or downright provocative lingerie, take your pick. Whether it’s for a birthday treat, a valentine’s lingerie gift, or ‘just because’, our ranges feature all the most seductive fabrics such as silk and lace and a plethora of erotic accessories to tickle your fancy.


Don’t just take our word for it though - listen to what some of our customers have to say about our erotic lingerie selection:


"I have enjoyed wearing erotic lingerie for years but find some of the erotic websites a bit tacky. I was so pleased to discover what a beautiful selection of provocative lingerie you have. I chose a seductive lingerie set in erotic silk for valentines and it worked a treat. I'll be buying all my erotic lingerie from you now"


"I am obsessed with silk lingerie. Silk bras, silk knickers, silk nightwear, silk stockings. I even have silk sheets which is quite erotic! One thing I have realised over the years is that there is silk lingerie...and there is silk lingerie. Not all silk is created equal. Your silk lingerie selection is divine. I found some beautifully seductive lingerie sets and bought them as a valentine’s gift to myself. I wear them under a silk blouse or dress so I am literally head to toe in silk...very erotic!"


"My husband treats me to erotic lingerie every so often. He chose a seductive lingerie set for me with a matching silk lingerie bag and a provocative babydoll. I loved it and he was bowled over - superb quality. I felt like a provocative lingerie goddess and incredibly erotic!"


"I have always struggled to get valentines lingerie right in the past but I gave it one last attempt and bought a provocative lingerie set for my partner from you. She loved it, and she looked incredible in it. I will be buying all my seductive lingerie gifts from you in future"


...or are you an erotic lingerie novice? If you are a newcomer to provocative lingerie; you have bought it once at valentines and then got cold feet; or you think you may feel a bit silly dressing up in erotic underwear, think again. Take inspiration from some of our first time customers' erotic inductions:


"I had never had the courage to try seductive lingerie but my husband had hinted that he'd like to see me in something provocative so I took the plunge and bought some valentine’s lingerie. Your site was recommended as having tasteful erotic lingerie and I was impressed with the range especially the silk lingerie. I chose a silk lingerie set and to my surprise when I tried it on I felt seductive, provocative and dare I say erotic.  I loved the feel of the silk lingerie against my body and my husband couldn't wait to feel it too. I'm now an erotic lingerie convert so thankyou"


"I've always thought that provocative lingerie or erotic styles weren't for me because of my not-very-erotic lumps and bumps. My partner always buys me valentine’s lingerie and likes something erotic. This year he bought me a provocative lingerie set from you and I have to say it was very flattering and made me feel like a 'provocative pussy' (as my hubby called me) for the first time ever! I now get what erotic lingerie is all about and will be investing in more than just valentine’s lingerie now I have found my erotic self!"


"Seductive lingerie has always seemed like a bit of a waste of money but your styles are erotic and can actually be worn all day. I love the silk lingerie and I excite in wearing an erotic lingerie set for work and knowing that I have a night of passion to look forward to. I'm looking forward to choosing some erotic valentines lingerie from you and giving my partner a real treat!"


Follow our seven steps to releasing your inner flirt, becoming a seductive siren and finding your ESP...that's your Erotic, Seductive, Provocative power!


Seven steps to your erotic lingerie master class: Find your ESP

1:  Did you know confidence is contagious?

People are attracted to confidence - it’s one of the few things that almost everyone who discusses seduction agrees on. Provocative people are confident. Confident people know what they want and aren’t afraid to express themselves, which is a huge turn on in and out of the bedroom. What this means is that you should focus on how erotic lingerie makes you feel rather than how it looks, and in doing that, others will pick up on that radiated sexual confidence and gravitate towards you and your erotic aura.


It’s crucial to make sure that you’re wearing the right size, and getting fitted for a bra is the first step to exuding personal and erotic confidence. Contact one of our stylists to book a personal fitting and begin upgrading your lingerie wardrobe. Our stylists are trained to help you select the ultimate provocative lingerie collection that will turn you into a seductive siren. Choose from styles for every day wear as well as special birthday or valentine’s lingerie treats.


2:  How to take pleasure in enjoying your own body

If you find yourself thinking that you don’t have the body to flaunt provocative lingerie, think again. Most women have lumps and bumps, but erotic lingerie can be used as a visual trick to draw attention to the places you want to be seen, and away from those you’d prefer to hide. Women looking to create an erotic cleavage should pick a seductive push up style or a provocative padded bra to boost the bust. An erotic babydoll or floaty chemise will draw attention away from your stomach but so will a plunge neck bodysuit as it elongates your torso and draws attention to your cleavage. When it comes to full hips, less is more! Want to be provocative? Go for a thong or erotic silk panty which will be a distracting invitation to your derriere that neither you nor your lover can resist. Whether it’s for date night or a special occasion like valentines, it will be an erotic treat.


3:  How to wear it, even if no one sees it

There’s something special about keeping a sexy secret that makes you feel alive - that below your smart suit or drab uniform is an exquisitely erotic lingerie set that only you know about. Whether that’s delicate erotic silk or a plunging cleavage boosting design, wearing erotic lingerie every day makes you feel sexier, increases feminine creativity and erotic arousal. Remember, you’re not just wearing erotic lingerie for your partner; you’re wearing it for yourself, too, and like all clothes, once you decide to wear them for yourself you become empowered -  that’s all you need to become a tres-sexy seductress, 24 hours a day! Most women wear erotic lingerie only occasionally such as on valentine’s day, but valentine’s lingerie doesn’t have to be just for valentine’s day - wear it all year round and make every day an erotic valentine’s lingerie day!


4:  How to choose flirtatious fabrics

We challenge you to find a fabric more seductive and erotic than the feeling of silk against your skin. Remember the first time your partner touched the skin on your back or on your legs and the erotic feeling it gave you? The soft, supple feel of a woman’s body is an instant erotic turn on. Seductive silk lingerie mimics this softness and is a powerful aphrodisiac that brings a sense of mystery and luxury to your erotic encounter. Pairing erotic silk with intricate lace, sparkling gems and strategically placed ribbons helps to increase erotic tension and keep your partner wanting more. Remember that you can’t really know anything about how fabrics fit or feel until you actually try them so contact our stylists to book a personal fitting. They will help you choose the ultimate erotic styles and the ultimate valentine’s lingerie treats.


5:  Did you know it’s good to reveal, but only a little?

Seduction is the first cousin of anticipation: it’s all about the thrill of the chase! It may seem counterproductive to cover up when you’re looking to seduce, but with nothing left to the imagination, where’s the tease? Raise the erotic temperature by leaving a few buttons undone to reveal a provocative and plunging décolletage and maintain erotic tension with a seductive chemise or matching silk robe to go with your provocative lingerie set. Perfect for an erotic date night, an anniversary or a valentine’s lingerie treat.


6:  How to go beyond the bra

Seductive lingerie is more than just provocative bras and panties: it includes killer corsets, bootlicious babydolls and bustiers, seductive stocking and garters, and of course matching erotic slips and robes. Consider pairing an erotic harness bra with a provocative bodice, seductive stockings and matching erotic eyemask to unleash your hidden powers of seduction and appeal to your partner’s senses with a visually provocative tease. These sultry pieces are not shy at announcing their intentions, so if you’re looking to increase your confidence and erotic prowess in the bedroom try focusing on more risqué styles with the illusion of restraint to titillate and titivate.


7:  Learn how to experiment with colour

Black is typically the seductive lingerie colour of choice when it comes to planning an erotic night in with your partner, but what about the rest of the rainbow? Bold colours should absolutely be part of your seductive lingerie arsenal and can help to heighten erotic tension between you. Red is the obvious choice, especially for valentine’s lingerie, and can be extremely seductive. Both men and women are immediately and unconsciously influenced by the erotic powers of the colour red, which increases passionate feelings and behaviours. If you’re feeling daring, boost your erotic appeal with provocative lingerie like peekaboo panties or plunge pushup bras in bold colours. And if red doesn’t take your fancy for valentine’s day, try some other seductive shades. Bright jewel shades such as emerald or deep blue make a striking and seductive statement. Elegant navy is an erotic lingerie alternative to black and hot pink is a provocative lingerie choice for femmes fatales. The clue is in the name.  



So there you have it, whether investing in just one pair of show stopping panties for valentines, a silk chemise or full on matching set, seductive lingerie should be a staple in your life. It works to ignite your inner ESP (your Erotic Seductive Provocative powers) and generates giddy excitement when planning a night of temptation. And if that isn’t enough, just think of the ego boost when catching a glimpse of that goddess staring back at you, clad head to toe in erotic lingerie.


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