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Sebastian and Millicent is set up to provide a platform for young and emerging designers to showcase their talent alongside established brands. We campaign for the development of young brands and are happy to be the first to have faith in young designers to stock debut or experimental collections.

Collaboration is king

By partnering with us you will have control over your online presence and shape the way your label is seen through imagery, videos and designer interviews. It also gives you the multi-channel leverage you need to access publications in high quality magazines (think Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire…) that require designers to have a stockist where their readers can go to make a purchase.


What we can offer you and your brand:

  • An online presence with a compelling mix of UK and international designers
  • Contribution to a blog covering designer interviews as well as broader fashion, politics and wellness topics
  • Inclusion in our social media strategy, including a set number of posts dedicated to your brand launch
  • Purchase from you on a wholesale or commission basis, jointly agreed between all parties


What we are looking for:

  • Young, emerging or established designers within the male, female and gender neutral lingerie, underwear, binder, hosiery lounge and sleepwear, and erotic toy markets
  • Brands with design innovation and luxury at their core - are your pieces handmade, do they use the finest silks, do they cater to a new niche? We want to hear from you!


Get in touch via our contact page.